Boxing and moving wine – A simple guide

Wine is a complex drinks, appreciated by many people. It goes well with almost all events; including dinners, desserts and fun get together. Properly stored wine in a cellar will improve the quality as well as the aroma and flavour.  It will also help you get a collection of some of the best wines you can have in your home.  Wine cellars may be the best way to store and mature your expensive collection. What happens when you have to move and take your collection to another home?  you have to ensure your collection is properly packed and does not encounter any factors that can lead to its damage.

If you have a wine collection, Iā€™m assuming you keep an inventory which lets you know where you keep certain wines.  Check the inventory and calculate how many bottle you have and how many you can move at one time.  Wine can be very expensive to move, considering how much they weigh so you want to ensure they all fit in one moving truck well.

I know what you are thinking, how will you possibly transport wine bottles in a moving truck?  The inventory should help you get wine boxed that fit the size of the bottle.  Ensure you get Styrofoam boxes that will keep the boxes in place and protect them from bumping into each other when the car is moving.  When you find that Styrofoam boxes are too expensive, you can use cardboard dividers to keep the boxes separate during the move. They are used wine boxes and may not fit all your bottles perfectly. Don’t forget to get some packing tapes, and papers to label all your wine boxes properly before the move.

 Before you pack all your boxes, ensure the bottoms of the boxes are secured.  Boxes with flimsy bottoms will need thick lining; otherwise your bottles will fall out of the boxes and break. Always check each box to ensure they can hold the weight well.  Avoid old and worn out boxes, you want to have as much safety as you can.

Before stuffing the bottle in the boxes, take one more precaution. Ensure you wrap each bottle before you stuff them in the Styrofoam or wine boxes.  When packing previously opened bottles, ensure they are sealed properly.  Select multiple wrapping papers to wrap around the bottles for maximum safety.  Don’t forget to mould the wrapper around the neck of the wine bottle for a proper grip while moving them.

Now you are ready to box your wrapped wine bottles.  Place your bottles into their cells in the box, ensuring they are a perfect fit. If a bottle is to wide, don’t force it; simply get a box that fits your bigger wine bottles perfectly. Shake the box to ensure there is no clanging and all the bottles are perfectly positioned. If they seem to be moving excessively, pack the spaces around the bottles with extra wrappers to keep them tight.

Once you have secured the boxes with tape, label them.  While arranging them on the moving truck, ensure they are stored on the bed of the truck rather than on top of your furniture or other things.