Packing your wine glasses and bottles- Safety tips

Everything about planning for a big event is simple, until it is time to move wine collections, champagne and crystal flutes and your glasses. All these items can be damages before and during the move.  Imagine breaking a bottle of wine you have been saving for close to 10 years, frustrating right? You want to ensure your items are safely transported and reach the destination as they left.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare and move your wines

Cell boxes are created to fit glass wear and champagne flutes in organised and neat separate pockets. They keep any glass from bumping into each other and breaking.  This lowers the risks of any breakage.  There are not many cell box designs so if you don’t find all the fits; you can improvise with Styrofoam boxes.  Don’t uses newspapers to wrap your wine bottles as the ink will easily smear on the labels, making the wine look less authentic. White or colourless wrapping papers will be perfect for this kind of job.

You can also use bubble wrap over the wrappers to make your bottles even more secure. Bubble wrap will also create some sort of grip so that you don’t lose control and break the bottles when packing them into the boxes.  If the bottles stand loose in the cells, ensure you pack up all the empty space using extra wrapping sheets or kitchen clothing. The more firm the bottles the less the chance of falling out of the box when meet a bumpy road.

Label all the boxes before packing them onto the vehicle. Also, ensure that each box has a ‘fragile’ label on each side so that everybody who comes into contact can handle them smoothly.  Attention and proper care are essential when it comes to moving the wine. You don’t want people tossing these boxes up and down and spoiling your wine leaving all your guests without any drinks.

Have you considered wine shipping before?  This is one of the best ways to transport multiple wine bottles.  Wine shipment takes into consideration all the needs of each bottle of wine.  Just like storage, wine needs certain condition to keep their taste and aroma intact. Wine shipping containers will ensure your wine is kept at the perfect temperature with minimal vibrations. If you are travelling for a long distance, you should consider this option.

All wine collectors know that different wine bottles should be handled differently in order to preserve their character.  This means that addressing the specific needs of the bottles is as important as the packaging.  Some wines are better off being transported upside down while some can just go upright on a cell or wine box.  Ensure you label them appropriately for easy unpacking.

Once you have reached the destination give the wine time to settle before moving them out of the box. Sometimes, the flavour, alcohol and acidity of the wine may be off due to difference in temperature and too many vibrations.