Transporting wine in hot weather- what should you do?

Having a perfect glass of wine with your dinner, dessert or picnic is standard for most wine lovers.  Wine is great, light and comes in various flavours and aromas. When stored properly, it can have an exquisite taste and aroma. Proper wine storage and preservation can do a lot of good for your wine. The slightest temperature change can alter the taste of your wine and make it undesirable.  When you are going for a summer picnic in a hot region, you should take some precautions in order to keep the sweet taste and aroma of your wine.  

As you know wine, just like most liquids will become warm when exposed to a lot of hit. Have you ever left your water bottle in the car just to come back and find it very warm or hot? This is the exact thing that will happen to your wine when you leave it in the summer heat. The difference is, you will have spent so much more on the wine bottle.

The ideal temperature for a wine bottle is between 45 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Any temperature over 70 degrees or under 45 will damage your wine. When the temperature hits 80 degrees Fahrenheit, your wine will start heating and may start seeping through its cork.  It will also start pushing the cork out of the bottle.  When your wine has been outside close to 90 degrees, it will start losing its bright color and turning dark.  The more the wine is exposed the more permanent the damage is.

When you are transporting bottle of wine, don’t forget to travel with a cooler.  Purchase a wine storage cooler where you can store wine you are just about to drink. Pack it with some ice and keep it out of reach of sunlight. This will not only prevent the wine from damage, but will give it a cool temperature for the summer sun. 

Dropping your wine bottles in some ice can be damaging to the labels. Always put the cooler in packs before you throw in the wine bottles.  Non-sweating ice packs should work great for this type of transportation. Purchasing the packs in advance will save you a lot of time. Styrofoam inserts work well to store your wine bottles. They are insulated and will protect your wine from heat as you travel during the summer.  Styrofoam has excellent insulation and you can see it with food, wine and medical transportations.

Don’t take the wine outside if you don’t have to. If you are staying in a hotel or taking a break for a long time, ensure you take the wine with you.  When you have to pack your car for a long time and have no other options but to leave the wine inside, ensure it is in a shade.  You’d be surprised how much a shaded area will help save your wine for a long haul.

Wine is very delicate, especially in the heat. You want to ensure the taste, flavour, aroma and color of your wine is preserved, even when you have to take it in a short time.