Travelling with air? – Here is how you can keep your wine bottles safe

 There are multiple reasons why you could be travelling with your wine bottle on air; you may be taking it for vacation, present for a loved one, upcoming event or simply taking it home with you from a vacation. There are different protocols you will need to keep you and the bottle of wine safe at all cost.  Good wine is expensive and you want to ensure you beat all the odds and have it when you reach your destination.

Here are a few tips to help you keep the wine safe throughout your journey

Always have a copy of your transport regulations of alcoholic beverages. You have heard of several cases where people are left with no choice but to leave a whole crate of expensive wine when they are done with the vacation. This can be disheartening, especially when you have spent thousands of dollars on that drink.  Before you leave, ensure you have transport regulations and are familiar with all the rules and regulations of the airline about alcohol wine transportation.  You find cases where the airline employees don’t know any rules concerning alcohol policies and you may be a mistaken victim.

How do you keep the wine safe? You can wrap it in heavy clothing or bubble wrap and stuff it into some of your luggage to prevent any form of breakage or damage. Ensure the cloth is not silky because the bottle might slip out and break a zip or something. Wrap the bottle in material like denim or heavy cotton that will keep it intact for a while.

You can always ship the wine. When you have too many bottles of wine, you don’t have the time to secure them in your suitcases; you’ll eventually run out of space for your luggage.  If shipping is too expensive, you can pack your wine bottles in a wine shipping box filled with foam inserts. Again, ensure the airline regulations allow you to carry as many bottles as you have.  The foam inserts may not secure all your bottles tightly so ensure you get some sort of fillers for that.

Use absorbent padding to prevent any leaks from your wine bottles or any breaks for that matter. Most wine sellers should offer you some wine skin that acts as an absorbent padding.  It will be able to absorb most of the wine in case the bottle breaks.

Have you considered bottle guards? They work pretty great for wine bottles. If you are looking to prepare for a trip, bottle guards should be on your shopping list. They work well to keep the bottle still and safe from any form of impact.  Bottle guards have a convenient handle and the material is shock absorbent, which is a perfect wine storage if you ask any wine expert.

Messenger bags work well to store you wine bottles. You don’t have to stuff the bottles in a suitcase and risk all forms of injury to the bottle. You can carry two bottles of wine in a standard messenger or saddlebag.